Our philosophy

We follow the Montessori principles, with a strong emphasise on learning through play. All our classes provide the same opportunities for all children to gain a valuable education through enhanced wellbeing and experiences.

Happy children = Happy parents

Our approach is built on a deep respect for the individuality of each child and a strong belief in their potential. We are providing a calm, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children feel happy and welcomed.

Children lead the way

Children learn best when they are following their interests. Children guide the activities that they wish to explore throughout the day. Our classrooms are designed around the children's particular needs and abilities, that way they can learn at their own peace.


We encourage children to develop their independence skills, allowing them to make their own choices. Children learn to take pride in their own accomplishments rather than only doing tasks to seek an adult's praise. This helps them to seek out challenges more often and attempt tasks because they simply feel good.

Did you like our approach and methods? Do you want to continue your child's education in a Montessori kindergarten? We closely work with Montessori kindergarten, founded by Ivana Procházková, where your children can continue their way to independence.