About us

Our mission is to guide and empower each child as she grows in her independence. We follow the Maria Montessori ethos with a strong emphasis on learning through play to develop independence. We operate a culture of respect in how we speak to the children, how we expect them to treat others and the environment in which they play and learn.

At our nursery První krok, we have extremely high standards in terms of both care and staff. Our employees are highly-trained, professional and passionate about guiding children through their early years of learning. We are proud to promote Montessori ethos in a pleasant and productive environment for one to three years old children. In all our classes there are three regular teachers, that you will meet every day. Our maximum capacity is one teacher per 6 children.
All our classes are named after herbs:

Lemon balm class
Rosemary class
Thyme class
Lavender class

The nursery Maloušci was founded in year 2010 by Ivana Procházková. In 2022 the name changed to První krok along with the logo, but our methods and approach remained the same. We use proven educational techniques, that went over a decade of development.

The prepared environment is one of the core components of the Montessori philosophy. Our Montessori classrooms support your child's drive to do things alone, developing confidence and a sense of competence. In this environment, children work independently, observe others, explore freely, and express their curiosity and creativity. A self-care area fosters toilet awareness and independence in maintaining personal hygiene, such as learning how to wipe one's nose and wash hands independently. There is also an area for gross motor activities to help children coordinate their movements, and low tables that enable them to help prepare, serve, eat, and clean up their snacks and meals. This freedom helps children develop positive relationship with "work", which leads to motivated, independent learners.

Every classroom comes equipped with the full range of the high-quality Montessori materials. These materials are designed to foster concentration, problem solving, and a sense of achievement. All learning materials are easily accessible to kids. Equipment in our classes supports gross and fine motor skills. Child-sized furniture, utensils, and other tools enable children to make independent choices and complete activities, which builds self-confidence, concentration, and critical thinking skills. We simply want to create a quality environment that promotes the child's natural curiosity and helps them to develop their potential in the spirit of Montessori motto “help me to do it myself”.